"Everything is written on a sheet music, except the essential."

Gustav Mahler


“Without music life would be a mistake”

F. Nietzsche


“I cannot write poetry: I am not a poet. I cannot dispose the words with such art that they reflect the light and shadows, I am not a painter ... But I can do it all with music ..."

W. A. Mozart


The faculty of creating is never given alone. She always walks accompanied by the gift of observation."

Igor Stravinsky


"A musician is someone who has lived and sinned, remembering feelings, weaknesses, whose sense of nostalgia, regret and remorse that become visible in the music he performs and therefore can ravish the assistance, whose weaknesses are also their."

Yehudi Menuhin


“Music is the medicine of the sad soul.”

Walter Haddon


"Learning music by reading music theory is like making love by mail."

Luciano Pavarotti


"Music is constant renovation. Every time someone plays music it brings to the world a new sound."

Daniel Barenboim


"Every work of art is the child of its time and, often, the mother of our feelings."

W. Kandinsky

"Where the character is not great, there is no great man, there isn’t even a great artist. There are only empty idols for the vile crowd. The times will destroy them all together. The success has no importance for us. It’s the matter of being great and does not seem great."

Ludwig van Beethoven


"The man who has no music in himself, the one who does not express the soft harmony of the sounds is fit for treason, robbery and treachery. His intelligence is warm as the night, their aspirations dark as Erebus. Beware of such a man! Listen to music."

William Shaskespeare

“Recommend virtue to your children, only virtue can bring happiness, not money."

Ludwig van Beethoven


"With men who do not believe me, I cannot and I do not want to be associated with."

Ludwig van Beethoven


"When I walk into my lonely room after a failure, it doesn’t hurt me. But if I were bound to find myself with my wife’s interrogators eyes and have to tell her I have failed again ... I just could not bear it."

Johannes Brahms

"I found myself obliged to borrow money again and again or as an alternative accept the risk of dying of starvation."

Anton Bruckner


"Music was born free and his destiny is to conquer freedom."

Ferruccio Busoni

"What once seemed to me great, today it seems common, and what once I found trivial, seems now to me incredible, extraordinary, too big, too high."

F. Chopin

"I think we should never respect the opposite ideas against those we profess. Instead, we should indeed respect the people who support them, but nothing else."

Manuel de Falla

"I saw too many deserters around me. Enough for me to forever dislike the animal called man."

Claude Debussy

"I have the impression that in the business world there is a greater largeness of mind and a better predisposition to examine carefully the fundamental premises of something new or unusual, than in the world of music."
Charles Ives

"When the work results in success, when we solved a problem, we forget the difficulties and perturbations and we feel richly rewarded."

Gustav Mahler


"Give me the best piano in Europe, but with an audience that is unwilling or unable to feel what I perform, I will lose all the performing pleasure."

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


"My goal has always been to set free the sound and open wide to the music all the universe of sounds."

Edgar Varèse

"When the creator is unique by nature, never mind the means that he avails of to fix his thought."

Heitor Villa-Lobos

"Music is the intelligence embodiment found in the sound."

Hoene Wronski

"I do not know what I write, because my thought is put into my opera, and I am in risk of writing a whole aria rather than words."

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

"I started to feel that I wanted to write music that was worth it, and this is for me the reason I should keep myself away from musicians."

Charles Ives